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Bio Statement Ping pong Olympic champion Ding Ning and Climbing Celebrity Sun Yingsha arrived at the limelight in the Chinese National Games with Ding winning all her six matches and Sun triumphing in five of the six matches in women's team competitions Ding and Sun replied the most requested questions from fans on Wednesday after Ding led team Beijing to semifinals while Sun's Hebei side was removed by group Heilongjiang Question 1: Who do you miss when you are out of town for games? Ding: "I'd like to state There Isn't Any one to miss when You are in any event. You have to concentrate" Sun: "Nobody actually." It really matters to be concentrated on the matches for top Athletes Question 2: Can you brush your sneakers? Ding: "not really." Sun: "Yes, I do that for myself." Question 3: Who would you prefer to be your roommate when you leave home to attend events? Ding: "I typically have a room." Sun: "It is her." Sun pointed at a girl on her side. "Her name is Xu Jiying (Sun's teammate at Hebei delegation) and most of my fans know her." It appears the renowned player is better adapted Question 4: What you have to take with you on your travels? Ding: "'s-paldde-and-table-change-of-location-strategy" Sun: "Power strip" Question 5: "What is what you must do overnight in Your match day?" Ding: "Sleep." Sun: "It is sleep for sure." Question 6: What do you want to do off training? Ding: "Eating. I like to eat something tasty." Sun: "I would prefer to stay in my room, studying and sleeping." Eating and sleeping appear to be things welcomed by girls Question 7: What has made you feel proud of yourself lately? Ding: "My teammates and I had an outing prior to the National Games and I had made amazing barbecue. And being named the flag bearer of Beijing delegation from the National Games is another one." Sun: "It's the Japan Open for sure. I did a Fantastic job there." Sun won the singles and women's doubles in the Japan Open on June as a 17-year-old player Question 8: Who is your idol? Ding: "About what field? If it's for ping pong, I'd like To say sister Ning (former world No. 1 Zhang Yining, two-time Olympic singles champion)." Sun: "For now it is Ma Long and Zhang Jike." Ma is The reigning champion from the National Games and Rio Olympics gold medalist, while Zhang Jike is the London Olympics winner Question 9: What's your wish? Ding: "I hope I can do good from the National Games." Sun: "I want I will accomplish the Grand Slam, winning the Olympics, world championships and World Cup." The 27-year-old Ding had finished her Grand Slam After winning the Rio Olympics last year, but hasn't been able to lift the National Games title yet. Sun has just begun her senior campaign as a potential player, so they all tell directly what's in their heads Question 10: What comes to mind first when Tianjin is said? Ding: "Snacks. Refreshments. But I have not got time to Try them however." Sun: "Tianjin National Games."