Communication and Diagnostic Interfaces in Remote Laboratory Management Systems

Michal Krbeček, František Schauer


There are many Remote laboratories (RLs) in the world which are created mainly by schools or some organizations. But the trend suggests that in the future all of these laboratories will be merged into large grids which will be administered by Remote Laboratory Management Systems (RLMS). Such systems are composed from many parts which communicate with each other. This communication can be crucial for correct functioning of whole system.
The paper intends to contribute to the standardized solutions in communication schemes of RLMSs. Each part of RLMS is described in terms of communication requirements. The largest volume of data is transmitted through the Internet. The security of this communication channel based on TCP/IP protocol is described in detail. The last part of paper describes the proposal and creation of data communication and diagnostic interface for individual remote experiments included in RLMS.


Remote laboratories; remote experiments; communication interface; RLMS; remote laboratory management system; diagnostic interface; Remlabnet

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International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE).ISSN: 1861-2121
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