Modeling of Lithium-ion Battery for Charging/Discharging Characteristics Based on Circuit Model

Zhai Haizhou


The paper describes the principle and charging/discharging characteristics of lithium-ion battery. It is as the research objects that Lithium-ion batteries with positive and negative materials of LiyMn2O4 and LixC6 were selected. A mathematical model is made for simulating the electrochemical behavior of Lithium-ion batteries. It is established that the electrochemical cell model and the one RC cell model based on aforementioned. The case of voltage, current, temperature, SOC and the charging/discharging characteristics were studied. The model is dynamic, and it reflects the transient state of the battery output. This is part of a laboratory setup used to test power system of an electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle to simulate electrochemical energy storage. The results show that accurate battery charging/discharging strategy management and SOC measurement can be achieved.


lithium-ion battery, charging/discharging characteristics, SOC

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International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE).ISSN: 1861-2121
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