Wastewater Monitoring System in Industrial Workshop Based on Wireless Sensor Network

Minhai Zhang, Shuangxiang She


In this paper, regarding the complexity of polluted water, through analyzing the water environment and its surrounding factors, a water quality monitoring system architecture based on wireless sensor networks is proposed. Firstly, the water quality parameters collected by the sensor are processed by the signal conditioning circuit and then transmitted to the sensor nodes so as to realize the data acquisition of the water quality parameters. Afterwards, through the function analysis of each node in the ZigBee network, the hardware design and software program design of the network coordinator node and the routing node are completed. After joint debugging of the hardware and software, point-to-point communication and system networking of the ZigBee network are achieved. Finally, the results of experiments show that the system can realize the data acquisition and wireless transmission of the temperature and PH parameters of different solutions. Furthermore, each node realizes its own function and meets the design requirements of the system.


wireless sensor network; wastewater monitoring system; ZigBee network; PH parameters

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International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE).ISSN: 1861-2121
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