Developing of Industry 4.0 Applications

Juan David Contreras, Jose Isidro Garcia, Juan David Diaz


The fourth industrial revolution or industry 4.0 has become a trend topic nowadays, this standard-based strategy integrates Smart Factories, Cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things, and Internet of Service with the aim of extended the capacities of the manufacturing systems. Although several authors have presented the advantages of this approach, few papers refer to an architecture that allows the correct implementation of industry 4.0 applications using the guidelines of the reference architecture model (RAMI 4.0). In this way, this article exposes the essential characteristics that allow a manufacturing system to be retrofitting as a correct industry 4.0 application. Specifically, an intelligent manufacturing system under a holonic approach was developed and implemented using standards like FDI, AutomationML and OPC UA according to the RAMI 4.0


Industry 4.0; smart factories; RAMI 4.0

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International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE).ISSN: 1861-2121
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