A Remote Monitoring System of Logistics Carrier Based on Wireless Sensor Network

Wang Weidong


To improve the efficiency of the remote monitoring system for logistics transportation, we proposed a remote monitoring system based on wireless sensor network and GPRS communication. The system can collect information from the wireless sensor network and transmit the information to the ZigBee interpreter. The monitoring system mainly includes the following parts: Car terminal, GPRS transmission network and monitoring center. Car terminal mainly consists by the Zigbee microcontroller and peripherals, wireless sensor nodes, RFID reader, GPRS wireless communication module composed of a micro-wireless monitoring network. The information collected by the sensor communicates through the GPRS and the monitoring center on the network coordinator, sends the collected information to the monitoring center, and the monitoring center realizes the information of the logistics vehicle in real time. The system has high applicability, meets the design requirements in the real-time acquisition and information transmission of the information of the logistics transport vehicles and goods, and realizes the function of remote monitoring.


logistics; wireless sensor network; ZigBee; GPRS; remote monitoring

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International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE).ISSN: 1861-2121
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