Topology of Wireless Sensor Network Based on the Perception Needs of the Internet of Things

Wu Yuanjun


In order to adapt to the characteristics of multi network convergence of IOT, this paper sorts out and summarizes the development status and existing problems of Internet of things (IOT) and wireless sensor network (WSN) as well as the key points for future research. Based on the existing research, the wireless sensor topology SORCA protocol is improved, and an energy saving intrusion tolerant network topology SORCA-W generation method is proposed, which realizes the interconnection of multiple sensor networks. Firstly, according to the location of nodes, the network is divided into topology network composed of hexagonal units. Through adding different network nodes collection summary, the neighbor table is judged and modified, and the name of the network is added. As a result, it is concluded that a plurality of wireless sensor networks can be connected for communication, which realizes the multi network integration of perception layer of Internet of things


Internet of things; wireless sensor networks; perceptual requirements; topology

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International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE).ISSN: 1861-2121
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