Wireless Sensor Network Coverage Optimization Based on Fruit Fly Algorithm

Ren Song, Zhichao Xu, Yang Liu


To solve the defect of traditional node deployment strategy, the improved fruit fly algorithm was combined with wireless sensor network. The optimization of network coverage was implemented. Based on a new type of intelligent algorithm, the change step of fruit fly optimization algorithm (CSFOA)was proposed. At the same time, the mathematical modeling of two network models was carried out respectively. The grid coverage model was used. The network coverage and redundancy were transformed into corresponding mathematical variables by means of grid partition.Among them, the maximum effective radius of sensor nodes was fixed in mobile node wireless sensor network. The location of nodes was randomly cast. The location of sensor nodes was placed in fixed position nodes. The effective radius of nodes can be changed dynamically.Finally, combined with the corresponding network model, the improved algorithm was applied to wireless sensor network.The combination of the optimal solution of the node position and the perceptual radius was found through the algorithm. The maximum network coverage was achieved.The two models were simulated and verified. The results showed that the improved algorithm was effective and superior to the coverage optimization of wireless sensor networks.


wireless sensor networks; coverage optimization; sensor nodes

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International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE).ISSN: 1861-2121
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