Enriching Undergraduate Mathematics Curriculum with Computer Science Courses

Chia Hung Kao


Traditional mathematics curriculum faces several issues nowadays. The gap between course materials and students’ real-life mathematical experiences, the scattering of knowledge in different courses, and the lack of mathematics applications to other subjects all hinder the learning of students. The emerg-ing trends in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence also impel higher education to enrich and refine mathematics education. In order to better incubate students for future, the experience of enriching undergrad-uate mathematics curriculum with computer science courses is introduced in this study. The curriculum is designed and implemented for students who major in applied mathematics to better stimulate the learning, participation, exercise, and innovation. It provides students with comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge for the challenges and industrial requirements now-adays. Evaluations, major findings, and lessons learned from three refined courses are discussed for more insight into the following deployment and re-finement of the curriculum.


curriculum design; mathematics; computer science

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International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP) – eISSN: 2192-4880
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