Optimum Dispatch of Hybrid Solar Thermal (HSTP) Electric Power Plant Using Non-Smooth Cost Function and Emission Function for IEEE-30 Bus System

Saroj Kumar Dash, Ray Priyambada, Chinmaya Kumar Panda


The basic objective of economic load dispatch (ELD) is to optimize the total fuel cost of hybrid solar thermal electric power plant (HSTP). In ELD problems the cost function for each generator has been approximated by a single quadratic cost equation. As cost of coal increases, it becomes even more important have a good model for the production cost of each generator for the solar thermal hybrid system. A more accurate formulation is obtained for the ELD problem by expressing the generation cost function as a piece wise quadratic cost function. However, the solution methods for ELD problem with piece wise quadratic cost function requires much complicated algorithms such as the hierarchical structure approach along with evolutionary computations (ECs). A test system comprising of 10 units with 29 different fuel [7] cost equations is considered in this paper. The applied genetic algorithm method will provide optimal solution for the given load demand.

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