Experimental Assessment of Hydrocyclones with two Inlet (Feed) Gates

Ebrahim Alamatian, Ayda Nasiri-Kalat


Hydrocyclone is a device to separate sediments in the water Gravel and sand particles are separated based on the specific weight of the suspended particles in the water by the ratio of their centripetal force to fluid resistance. Generally, hydrocyclone includes inlet (feed) and outlet flow gates. In this paper, one of the hydrocyclone which is in the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Mashhad has been investigated with respect to rising of the number of inlet flow gates. In other words, water enters to hydrocyclone with two inlets which have made by welding and cutting operations. Results of this research show that the device efficiency has been enhanced 77 percent in sediment removal and the shear limit has been decreased 15 percent by increasing the number of the inlet gates. Assessments indicate the local temperature is not effective in the rate of particle removal in hydrocyclone.

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