Virtual World as a Complement to Hybrid and Mobile Learning




Avatar, Digital tools, Emerging technologies, Metaverse, Moodle, Opensimulator, Singularity


Virtual worlds in higher education have opened new possibilities for innovation in the teaching-learning process. In this sense, the description of the integration of this emerging technology with hybrid and mobile learning models is presented, which seeks to streamline and make flexible the access to information to the student and teacher inside and outside the classroom, intending that pedagogical didactics were more inclusive and participatory. With this in mind, a virtual world was developed as a digital tool for teaching support to students and teachers of the Faculty of Systems Engineering of the University of Cundinamarca, with a view to establishing its viability to be implemented and to demonstrate its potential as an academic resource that motivates students in their training and the teacher to develop new digital skills and competences.

Author Biography

Jairo Eduardo Márquez Díaz, Universidad de Cundinamarca

Engineer in computer science, mathematics and physics. Research professor of the engineering faculty.




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Díaz, J. E. M. (2020). Virtual World as a Complement to Hybrid and Mobile Learning. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 15(22), pp. 267–274.



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