Security of m-learning system: A collective responsibility


  • Shaibu Adekunle Shonola The University of Warwick
  • Mike S Joy The University of Warwick



mobile learning security, m-learning security, security threats


Innovation in learning technologies and services is driven by demands from Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) in order to meet their students’ needs and make knowledge delivery easier. The technology could play a pivotal role in extending the possibilities for teaching, learning, and research in educational institutions. M-learning emerged from this innovation as a result of an unprecedented explosion in the number of mobile devices due to availability and affordability of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets among students. Competition in the mobile device industry is also encouraging developers to be innovative, constantly striving to introduce new features. Consequently, newer sources of risks are being introduced in the mobile computing paradigm at manufacturing level. Similarly, many m-learning promoters and developers focus on developing and delivering learning content and infrastructure for m-learning system without adequate consideration for security of stakeholders’ data, whereas the use of these mobile technologies for learning poses a serious threat to confidentiality, integrity and privacy of those involved in teaching and learning, yet traditional security threats are also evolving. Against this backdrop, the stakeholders in education sector (i.e. education providers, educators, m-learning promoters and developers) should begin to consider the security implications of these devices in modern teaching and learning environments. The purpose of this paper is to identify the m-learning security issues that stakeholders may face, how they are being affected by the security threats, who among is stakeholders are affected or most affected by security issues in m-learning using three Nigeria universities as case studies and what are the responsibilities of the stakeholders in ensuring risk free m-learning.

Author Biographies

Shaibu Adekunle Shonola, The University of Warwick

Department of Computer Science PhD Student

Mike S Joy, The University of Warwick

Department of Computer Science Associate Professor




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Shonola, S. A., & Joy, M. S. (2015). Security of m-learning system: A collective responsibility. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 9(3), pp. 64–70.