Personal Health Care System Using IOT




medical doses, Arduino, smart phones, elderly, automation


Designing a device to manage the medical doses for elderly people is essential in terms of the patient safety and well-being. The device is created in order to regulate medication schedules and deliver doses of medication according to a prescribed time and dose by alerting patients of the scheduled dose through communication means such as mobile phones. The device utilizes mobile technology and communication such as Android and Wi-Fi. This device consists of six basic elements: Arduino Uno board, ESP8266 Wi-Fi module that connects the phone with the device, RTC module (Real Time Clock), GSM module for alarming when the time of medication is reached, Drivers for motors to release the prescribed doses of the medication and Smartphone for control purposes. The device was built and tested and showed promise to be used for serving the local community.

Author Biography

Hatem A Elaydi, Islamic University of Gaza

Electrical Engineering Department

Assoc. Professor

Assoc Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

Assoc Editor of Cheif Journal of Engineering Research and Technology




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Elaydi, H. A. (2019). Personal Health Care System Using IOT. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 15(07), pp. 16–31.