E-Worksheet for Science Processing Skills Using Kvisoft Flipbook





E-Worksheets, Science Process Skills, Kvisoft Flipbook


This paper presents research on laboratory-based e-worksheets using Kvisoft for science process skills. E-worksheets are made with the stages of development, implementation, and evaluation adopted from branches using 90 samples obtained from purposive sampling techniques. The aim is to look at students' science process skills after using e-worksheets on laboratory-based science process skills using the kvisoft application. The findings of this study are that e-worksheets using Kvisoft Flipbook can improve students' science process skills.

Author Biographies

Haryanto Haryanto, Universitas Jambi

Haryanto worked at the Faculty of Teaching and Education, Universitas Jambi, Jambi, Indonesia.

Asrial Asrial, Universitas Jambi

Asrial is professor in the study of indigenous knowledge chemical field. This knowledge can be applied to 21st Century learning at the elementary, junior and senior high school levels. And preparing teacher candidates to understand the value of local wisdom to improve competence pedagogical. By applying education based on local wisdom it is hoped that it will be able to create education that gives meaning in the learning process for students. So that education is able to create young generations who are able to preserve and love their own culture. In addition, education must be able to shape human character with high integrity and great character and dignity in accordance with the spirit of education which is humanizing humans. Asrial is the chair of the research group ethno constructivism and that group is aimed at analyzing all the values of local wisdom to serve as a medium and source of learning.

M. Dwi Wiwik Ernawati, Universitas Jambi

M. Dwi Wiwik Ernawati worked at the Faculty of Teaching and Education, Universitas Jambi, Jambi – Indonesia.




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Haryanto, H., Asrial, A., & Ernawati, M. D. W. (2020). E-Worksheet for Science Processing Skills Using Kvisoft Flipbook. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 16(03), pp. 46–59. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijoe.v16i03.12381