Design of Identity-Based Blind Signature Scheme Upon Chaotic Maps


  • Nedal Mohammad Tahat The Hashemite University Zarqa 13133, Jordan
  • Ashraf Tahat
  • Ramzi Albadarneh
  • Talal Edwan



Identity based, blind signature, chaotic map, factoring problem, digital signature.


Cryptosystems relying on chaotic maps have been presented lately. As a result of inferred and convenient connections amongst the attributes of conventional cryptosystems and chaotic frameworks, the concept of chaotic systems with applications to cryptography has earned much consideration from scientists working in the various domains. Hence, we suggest a novel IDentity-based Blind Signature (ID-BS) based technique in this paper that relies on a pair of hard number theoretic problems, namely, the Chaotic Maps (CM) and FACtoring (FAC) problems. The technique is immune to attacks, in addition to its efficiency in application. Relative to other related schemes, it requires fewer module operations. In summary, our proposed technique is superior to similar schemes within the cryptosystems domain.

Author Biography

Nedal Mohammad Tahat, The Hashemite University Zarqa 13133, Jordan

Nedal Tahat received his BSc in Mathematics at Yarmouk University, Jordan in 1994, and MSc in Pure Mathematics at Al al-Bayt University, Jordan, in 1998. He is a PhD candidate in Applied Number Theory (Cryptography) from National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 2010. He is an Associate Professor at Department Mathematics, Hashemite University. His main research interests are cryptology and number theory. He has published more than 35 papers, authored/coauthored, and more than 15 refereed journal and conference papers




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Tahat, N. M., Tahat, A., Albadarneh, R., & Edwan, T. (2020). Design of Identity-Based Blind Signature Scheme Upon Chaotic Maps. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 16(05), pp. 104–118.