Model of Carriage Movement on Plane with Dry Friction Forces




wheel slip, automobile, traffic accident, dangerous driving, simulation, dry friction, nonholonomic mechanics, carriage model


Wheel slip model is an important aspect of vehicle driving stability and safety control. However, in most of the carriage movement models friction forces and wheel slip effect are being neglected. This paper raises the problem of wheel slip in dangerous driving and autonomous vehicles under critical driving modes, then tasks the modeling of movement of an individual vehicle is considered. These are two tasks of nonholonomic mechanics: 1) the movement of a wheelset without wheel slip (two disks freely mounted on an axis) along an inclined plane in the field of gravity, and 2) the movement of a flat wheel model, which, under certain assumptions, can be a four-wheeled carriage. In these tasks, in addition to the standard dynamics (continuous motion without wheel slip), critical situations can also be observed associated with wheel sleep and separation of wheels from plane.

Author Biographies

Grigory Rosenblat, Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI)

Professor of Theoretical Mechanics Department

Vladimir Tishkin, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics

Head of Department of Numerical Methods of Continuum Mechanics

Vladimir Yashin, Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI)





How to Cite

Rosenblat, G., Tishkin, V., & Yashin, V. (2020). Model of Carriage Movement on Plane with Dry Friction Forces. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 16(08), pp. 85–98.