Cloud Instrument Powered by Solar Cell Sends Data to Pachube


  • Silviu Folea Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
  • Marius Ghercioiu Cores Electronic LLC
  • Doru Ursutiu University Transilvania of Brasov



Tag4M tag, Solar Cell, Wi-Fi Sensors, Web Page Instrument, pachube, green energy


Despite the economic downturn, there have been quite a few new developments in the world of remote measurements lately. Tag4M ( introduced the concept of cloud instrument where sensors connected to WiFi tags send data to off-the-shelf Access Points which are part of the WiFi infrastructure that exists in enterprises, retail outlets, factories, and warehouses. Access Points route the data to the Internet where specialized web applications receive the information for processing and display. One of these specialized web applications is Pachube, ( which bills itself as a â??real-time data brokerage platform

Author Biographies

Silviu Folea, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

S. Folea is with the Automation Department from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

Marius Ghercioiu, Cores Electronic LLC

M. Ghercioiu is president of Cores Electronic LLC, Austin, Texas USA .

Doru Ursutiu, University Transilvania of Brasov

University Transilvania of Brasov, Romania >> Associated Editor Eastern Europe <




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Folea, S., Ghercioiu, M., & Ursutiu, D. (2010). Cloud Instrument Powered by Solar Cell Sends Data to Pachube. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 6(4), pp. 20–25.



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