Interview with Marius Ghercioiu about Art in the Internet of Things


  • Doru Ursutiu University Transilvania of Brasov



Tag4m, Cloud Instrumensts, Internet of Things


My name is Marius Ghercioiu, and I am a virtual measurements engineer and entrepreneur. My company Cores Electronic LLC ( ) offers a product line named Tag4M that converts sensor data to web pages using cloud instruments. A sensor becomes a Cloud Instrument when it is connected to a WiFi tag. The tag digitizes the data to send it on to Access Points, where the data is routed to the Internet and a Server IP. Here a customized Database is collecting the data for feed into applications like metering, charting, control, display, analysis, modeling, data mining, etc. with display on Web Page Instruments. Tag4M covers the WiFi tag and the web page instrument.

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Doru Ursutiu, University Transilvania of Brasov

University Transilvania of Brasov, Romania >> Associated Editor Eastern Europe <




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Ursutiu, D. (2010). Interview with Marius Ghercioiu about Art in the Internet of Things. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 6(4), pp. 31–33.



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