Development of Detector Vibrating Watch Model for 100-Meter Dash Race for Visually-impaired Athletes


  • Sri Joeda Andajani State Surabaya University
  • Oce Wirawan State Surabaya University
  • Pamuji Pamuji State Surabaya University



Model, Detector Vibrating Watch, Dash Race, Visual Impairment


Rapidly developing technology in the 21st century brings significant change to youth education. The paradigm shift requires a change to comply to the model of technological knowledge century, including in sports. People with visual-impairment experiences movement limitations in their environment.Limited visual affects their daily activity. The 100-meter dash is one of the races performed by athletes with visually-impairment. Thus, the development of a detector vibrating watch model which can give signals or alarm when performing race in the track without an assistant is needed. The use of detector vibrating watch could help visually-impaired athletes to directly determine their position and when would they arrive to finish line. This conditioning could minimalize the crash between athletes because each athlete could finish in their respective supposed track. Thus, visually-impaired athletes could achieve their maximum time according to their ability without hindrance during the dash. However, the development of detector vibrating watch had not yet being used as assisting product in the specialized 100-meter dash for the visually-impaired. Appropriateness of this detector vibrating watch model for track dash required thinking from athletic sport, special education, and electrical engineering experts via focus group discussion. The result of expert development showed that the detector watch model was initiated from the 100-meter dash for people with visual-impairment.




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Andajani, S. J., Wirawan, O., & Pamuji, P. (2020). Development of Detector Vibrating Watch Model for 100-Meter Dash Race for Visually-impaired Athletes. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 16(10), pp. 68–81.