Physics Experiments at the UNEDLabs Portal


  • Sebastian Dormido UNED
  • José Sánchez UNED
  • Luis de la Torre UNED
  • Ruben Heradio UNED
  • Carmen Carreras UNED
  • Juan pedro Sánchez UNED
  • Manuel Yuste UNED



Distance learning, Physics, Virtual labs, Remote labs, Web-based experimentation


UNEDLabs is a web portal based on a free, modern, open source, and well-known learning management system: Moodle. This portal joins two theme networks of virtual and remote laboratories (one for Control Engineering and another one for Physics, named AutomatL@bs and FisL@bs, respectively) together. AutomatL@bs has been operative for five years now. Following AutomatL@bsâ?? scheme, FisL@bs was created as a network of remote and virtual laboratories for physics university education via the Internet to offer students the possibility of performing hands-on experiences in different fields of physics in two ways: simulation and real remote operation. Now, both FisL@bs and AutomatL@bs join together (while maintaining their independency) into an unique new web portal called UNEDLabs. This work focuses on this new web environment and gives a detailed account of a novel way in Physics to let distance learning students gain practical experience autonomously. This paper explains how the new portal works and the software tools used for creating it. In addition, it also describes the physics experiments which are already operative.

Author Biographies

Sebastian Dormido, UNED

Professor Informática y Automática

José Sánchez, UNED

Associate Professor Informática y Automática

Luis de la Torre, UNED

Assistant Professor Informática y Automática

Ruben Heradio, UNED

Assistant Professor Ingeniería de Software y Sistemas Informáticos

Carmen Carreras, UNED

Associate Professor Física de Materiales

Juan pedro Sánchez, UNED

Assistant Professor Física de Materiales

Manuel Yuste, UNED

Professor Física de Materiales




How to Cite

Dormido, S., Sánchez, J., de la Torre, L., Heradio, R., Carreras, C., Sánchez, J. pedro, & Yuste, M. (2012). Physics Experiments at the UNEDLabs Portal. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 8(S1), pp. 26–27.



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