Energy Factor Modelling and Model Reference Adaptive Control of Chaos in Boost Converter


  • R Mani Kumar Annamalai University
  • R Kayalvizhi Annamalai University



Model Reference Adaptive controller, Pulse width modulator, Direct current, Proportional Integral Derivative, Metal Oxide Semi conductor Field Effect Transistor, Energy Factor.


Chaos is an apparently disordered deterministic behavior, which is universally occurring in many systems in all areas of science. In this paper, chaos in boost converter has been analyzed by taking the load and supply voltage as a bifurcation parameter under open loop condition. The mathematical model of the boost converter is obtained using Energy Factor modeling approach. A Lyapunovâ??s stability based Model Reference Adaptive controller (MRAC) is designed for the boost converter and is implemented to control chaos by keeping the system stable from chaotic stage. The proposed adaptive controller, in the on line mode has the ability to track a specific high-frequency reference voltage and also to adapt for the variations in the load and high-frequency pulsed supply voltage. The simulation results show that the proposed method updates the adjustable parameter values to guarantee stable operation from chaotic stage and also to provide good dynamical responses than the conventional Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller.

Author Biographies

R Mani Kumar, Annamalai University

Assistant Professor Department of Instrumentation Engg.. Annamalai University Annamalai Nagar-608002 Tamilnadu , India

R Kayalvizhi, Annamalai University

Dr.R.Kayalvizhi obtained her B.E degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering in the year 1984 and further the M.E. degree in Power Systems in the year 1990 from the Annamalai University, Chidambaram. . Presently, she is working as a Professor in the Department of Instrumentation Engineering, Annamalai University. She is guiding many Ph.D research scholars in the areas like Power converters, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic applied to Power Electronics Control, Image processing and non linear dynamics and control of chaos in power electronic conveters. She published many international and national journals.




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Mani Kumar, R., & Kayalvizhi, R. (2012). Energy Factor Modelling and Model Reference Adaptive Control of Chaos in Boost Converter. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 8(2), pp. 39–44.



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