Internet-based Robot-supported RF and Wireless Laboratory for Engineering Education


  • Ananda Maiti VIT University
  • Subhasis Mahata IIT Kharagpur



Remote laboratory, radio frequency, wireless, robot control, web-services, LabVIEW


The rapid growth of modern Radio Frequency (RF) and wireless communication systems requires experienced professionals in the RF and wireless areas. In the curriculum of engineering education, university departments are introducing courses on high frequency telecommunication or radio communication related courses to equip students for the needs of industry. Effective learning in education can only be achieved by combining theoretical course with the corresponding laboratory. Distant access of robot-supported laboratories through the Internet is an important and new issue in distance education. This study is an application of new technologies for active learning methodologies, in order to increase both the self-learning and comprehension of the students. This study aims to find out requirements and needs to be fulfilled in developing a robot-supported remote-controlled RF and wireless laboratory. Development and implementation of a robot-operated internet-based RF and wireless laboratory is described in detail.




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Maiti, A., & Mahata, S. (2012). Internet-based Robot-supported RF and Wireless Laboratory for Engineering Education. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 8(3), pp. 28–33.