A Smart System for Health Caregiver Based on IoMT: Toward Tele-Health Caregiving


  • Azmi Shawkat Abdulbaqi professor at University of Anbar, College of Computer Science & Information Technology, Iraq
  • Ahmed J. Obaid
  • Sundos Abdulameer Hmeed Alazawi Lecturer at Department of Computer Science, Al Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad,Iraq




Internet of Medical Things (IoMTs), Galileo Microcontroller, Arduino UNO Type WEMOS D1-ESP 8266 (WEMOS-Uno), GSM technology.


This manuscript introduces the designing and emulation of a wireless, intelligent health surveillance device based on the internet of medical things, with GSM alert technology by health caregivers. In hospitals or medical centers where the body temperature of the patient needs to be constantly checked or other vital signs have to be checked, this is normally achieved by a specialist or another paramedicine personnel by continuously checking the temperature, pulse rate and keeping records of these arguments. This approach is really repetitive and can be very tiring, especially in medical centers crowded with patients. The main system task is to surveillance the patient's body pulse rate and the patient's body temperature and sending the information to the specialists wirelessly via the liquid crystal display. The transmitting unit of this suggested system continuously surveillance the patient's body temperature, as well as the heart rate with digital sensors, and ultimately, displays the outcomes on the liquid crystal display transmitter to present to the specialists. The receiver device is placed in the specialist chamber for continuous wireless surveillance   of the patient's body temperature and heart rate. At the receiver end where the specialist will be, an alarm is often triggered and triggered When the patient's heart rate or temperature is below/above the normal human threshold of 37 ° C and 70 beats/min (bpm), then, send an SMS to the specialist if he or she is absent as a means of continuous update. The suggested framework was implemented utilizing Proteus Tools and programs, composed in Embedded C. The obtained outcomes indicate an effective way to relay details on duty to the specialists for urgent patient care.




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Abdulbaqi, A. S., Obaid, A. J., & Hmeed Alazawi, S. A. (2021). A Smart System for Health Caregiver Based on IoMT: Toward Tele-Health Caregiving. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 17(07), pp. 70–87. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijoe.v17i07.22525