flock.uc.pt – A Web Platform for Online Educational Modules with Online Experiments


  • Alberto Cardoso University of Coimbra
  • Maria Teresa Restivo IDMEC-Polo FEUP, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto
  • Pedro Cioga University of Coimbra
  • Miguel Delgado University of Coimbra
  • José Nuno Monsanto University of Coimbra
  • João Bicker University of Coimbra
  • Eduardo Nunes University of Coimbra
  • Paulo Gil Universidade Nova de Lisboa




Emerging technologies provide the necessary means to develop online learning programs with online experimental setups through web platforms for educational and training purposes. Combining design techniques with virtual and augmented reality, templates, contents and interfaces can improve usersâ?? analytical capabilities of perception and cognition. In addition, it will allow the development of more attractive online courses, while promoting the learning process. This paper briefly describes some relevant features of the platform flock.uc.pt under development at the University of Coimbra, including some application examples. The authorsâ?? intension is to demonstrate the main characteristics of this platform presenting some examples of online educational modules.




How to Cite

Cardoso, A., Restivo, M. T., Cioga, P., Delgado, M., Monsanto, J. N., Bicker, J., Nunes, E., & Gil, P. (2013). flock.uc.pt – A Web Platform for Online Educational Modules with Online Experiments. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 9(S1), pp. 13–15. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijoe.v9iS1.2355