Increase the Efficiency of IoT Devices by Using the Wireless Power Transmission in the Industrial Revolution 4.0


  • Mohamed Zied Chaari Qatar university
  • Somaya Al-Maadeed Qatar university



RF harvesting energy, Wireless Power Transmission, loop antenna, Internet of Things, RF-to-DC converter, Industrial Internet of Things


Today's world is evolving toward creating a smart house where a multitude of Internet Of Things (IoT) devices and sensors are interacting to deliver plenty of useful information. Essential to the implementation of this IoT is the design of energy-efficient solutions aiming toward a low-carbon-emission, namely green, society. Many R\&D studies are working on a long-range distance wireless charging that will send microwave energy to powered IoT devices wherever it is in the room and without cords. Wireless power transmission technology is the diffusion of RF power without using any physical support. The vision of future technology is to make the IoT devices charging and powered wirelessly. The objective of the work scope is to combine the wireless power technology with smart IoT and IIoT devices and reduce the turnoff of devices due to battery depletion. In this research paper, we designed and realized a wireless charging device using the fundamentals of microwave radiation. The proposed electronic device takes all parameters above to deliver sufficient energy to charging any IoT devices wirelessly with a maximum power of 5W.

Author Biography

Mohamed Zied Chaari, Qatar university

Mohamed zied chaari received the Ph.D. degree in Electronics and Telecommunication. He has devoted over ten years to R&D in microwave technology and RF harvesting energy. Dr. Zied is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the microwave theory society. Mohamad Zied Chaari is the winner on Stars of Science Season 3 in 2011 placed fourth (Qatar Foundation) and Grand prize of the 7th International Invention Fair in the Middle East-IIFME, held in December in Kuwait. Mohamad's employment repertoire is currently occupied with active roles as Technology Expert at Manufacturing Technology Center (MD), Technical expert at Qatar Scientific Club, and lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Qatar University. Since 2015, We focus on rapid prototyping. With 5-axis CNC, SLS 3D printing, and CNC lathe, it can also do oxidation, oil injection, powder spraying, electroplating, PCB design, and other processes. Dr. Zied has four patents under his name, more than twenty published research, and two books.




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Chaari, M. Z., & Al-Maadeed, S. (2021). Increase the Efficiency of IoT Devices by Using the Wireless Power Transmission in the Industrial Revolution 4.0. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 17(07), pp. 172–185.