IoT Based Secure Lock/Unlock System Using Google Assistant Based English And French Languages


  • Nagarjuna Telagam GITAM University
  • U. Somanaidu Institute of Aeronautical Engineering
  • M. Arun Kumar GITAM University
  • M. Sabarimuthu Kongu Engineering College
  • Nehru Kandasamy National University of Singapore



The user can utilise the voice acknowledgement in making it more straightforward for individuals with inabilities to get to entryway frameworks and give better security to lives and properties.  In this paper, the advancement of the technology is used for opening any locking system.  We are implementing this type of module where it can be of low cost, and even physically disabled persons can open the door without any assistance. The Blynk app and a Wi-Fi module can access the system by giving the input and output as a voice recognition speech command. Hence, in this paper, any person can just use google assistant from their smartphone to lock or unlock a secure system with just two controls, i.e., "Ok Google Lock Door one", "Ok Google Unlock Door one". This Project works seamlessly for three locks in one system that can be operated separately using only one main microcontroller, i.e., Node-MCU ESP8266, and relays drivers so that our Project can be quickly developed and deployed. The applications of this Project is endless as technology constantly evolves. Suppose the user is connected with the internet and operated using Google Assistant. In that case, the lock is operated only from one account, making it secure and available to all who use smartphones and have a google account. Even for people who are blind, this can be an excellent way to lock and unlock their resources just with their voice. Anyone can utilise this Project from their convenience, making it the easiest way for anyone to lock/unlock just by two words, i.e., "Ok Google Lock Door."

Author Biography

Nagarjuna Telagam, GITAM University

Nagarjuna Telagam is with the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad, India. He is a Research Scholar in Sathyabama University and is interested in the following topics: Wireless Communications, MIMO, OFDM, GFDM. Currently, He is working as Assistant Professor. He Received his B.Tech degree from JNTU University/ Narayana Engineering College. He received his master degree from Anna University/ Loyola Institute of Technology. He is Anna University rank holder(20) for M.E degree in 2013. He published papers in different Referred Journals (




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Telagam, N., Somanaidu, U., Arun Kumar, M., Sabarimuthu, M., & Kandasamy, N. (2021). IoT Based Secure Lock/Unlock System Using Google Assistant Based English And French Languages. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 17(10), pp. 34–47.