Design and Numerical Analysis of Collimated Water Jet Cutting System


  • Guilin Yang



Abstractâ??The Collimated Abrasive Water Jet(CAWJ) Cutting System is a compact system applicable in the workshop and on-site as well. The device allows machining between steam turbine discs with a gap space down to 120mm. The CAWJ Cutting System is supposed to overcome the main disadvantages of the conventional machine tool methods such as: long process times, lack of mobility of the drilling tools. For increasing the working efficiency and improving the cutting quality in material, the characteristics of the Cutting experiment and operating principle of a rig of CAWJ are discussed. Rock was cut for the experiment. The theory of abrasive accelerated in a long collimating pipe and reflect of cutting hard rock in various parameters of operating are analyzed. Theoretic and experimental results show that the CAWJ retains its ability basically when the length of the collimating pipe is in the range of 0.6m~2.8m. There is an optimum relationship during the length and diameter of the collimating pipe; abrasive feed rate and size. The research will lead to development of the hard rock cutting equipment using CAWJ.




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Yang, G. (2013). Design and Numerical Analysis of Collimated Water Jet Cutting System. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 9(S4), pp. 30–33.



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