LabSocket: A New Trend in Remote Labs


  • Doru Ursutiu University Transilvania of Brasov
  • C. Samoila
  • J. Bergmans



Education, LabSocket, LabVIEW, Remote Engineering, Virtual Instrumentation


Many companies and universities understand the trends of evolution in direction of â??Remote Engineering - REâ? like a strong need to sustain the development and especially the fast and deep evolution in the field of â??Virtual Instrumentation â?? VIâ? with direct connection in engineering and education. In this paper we combine a new system â??LabSocket â?? LSâ? with a recognized standard in education â??National Instruments Engineering Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation - Suite NI ELVISâ? and the new myDAQ board for students hands-on laboratories. In recent years at the Creativity Laboratory from â??Transylvaniaâ? University of Brasov â?? Romania many LabVIEW applications based on NI ELVIS and myDAQ have been developed. Now, based on the LabSocket system developed by Bergmans Mechatronics LLC, we can begin to control these applications over the web, and thereby increase the learning opportunities offered to the students. A significant attribute of the LabSocket system is that it extends the functionality of LabVIEW-based industrial or educational applications to the browser, without the use of browser plug-ins or requiring developers to write any HTML or JavaScript code.

Author Biography

Doru Ursutiu, University Transilvania of Brasov

University Transilvania of Brasov, Romania >> Associated Editor Eastern Europe <




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Ursutiu, D., Samoila, C., & Bergmans, J. (2013). LabSocket: A New Trend in Remote Labs. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 9(S5), pp. 56–60.



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