New Architecture of Remote Laboratories Multiuser based on Embedded Web Server


  • F Yudi Limpraptono University of Indonesia
  • Anak Agung Putri Ratna University of Indonesia
  • Harry Sudibyo University of Indonesia



Remote Laboratories, Embedded Web Server, Microcontroller, Multiuser, Collaborative Work, Green Computing


This paper presents a new architecture of remote laboratory multiuser based on embedded web server used for experiment of the MCS-51 microcontroller system. The design for remote lab uses green computing approach, with the aim of reducing energy consumption, lowering the cost of procurement systems, improving performance and using, and also space saving. The remote lab system uses multi user and multi device architecture to support collaborative work and improve scalability. The design of remote lab has n modules experiment, and each module can be accessed by a single user or a group which consists of several user. The prototype of a remote lab that has been realized consists of an embedded web server based on Raspberry Pi as remote lab gateway and 2 experiment modules that is controlled by an embedded web server based on MCS-51 microcontroller. Development of the system is expected to contribute to creating an efficient remote lab that is able to serve the collaborative work and support green computing.




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Limpraptono, F. Y., Ratna, A. A. P., & Sudibyo, H. (2013). New Architecture of Remote Laboratories Multiuser based on Embedded Web Server. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 9(6), pp. 4–11.