Online labs and the MARVEL experience


  • Jose M. M. Ferreira University of Porto (FEUP)
  • Dieter Mueller ARTEC - University of Bremen



MARVEL is a Leonardo da Vinci project that provides a framework to analyse the pedagogic effectiveness of online labs in various heterogeneous areas that include solar energy, robotics, electronics and electro-pneumatics. It is also used as a test bench to compare the implementation of purely remote labs, where all devices are real, versus mixed-reality environments, where real devices work together with simulation models. This paper describes the basic concepts underlying the implementation of such online labs and presents two case studies (which are openly available to the public). A final section discusses the main pedagogical implications of online labs and presents the research directions that are being considered as a follow-up from this project.

Author Biography

Jose M. M. Ferreira, University of Porto (FEUP)

Jose M. M. Ferreira completed his MSc / PhD degrees in 1987 / 1992 and is an Associate Professor at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.




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Ferreira, J. M. M., & Mueller, D. (2005). Online labs and the MARVEL experience. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 1(1).