Identification and Inversion of Magnetic Hysteresis for Sinusoidal Magnetization


  • Martin Kozek Vienna University of Technology
  • Bernhard Gross Vienna University of Technology



The sinusoidal magnetization of a sample material is difficult to achieve, since the magnetic hysteresis poses a strong non-linearity. In order to find the proper input voltage, a feed-forward strategy with a hysteresis model identification and inversion is proposed. The classical Preisach model in the Everett formulation is used for this purpose and eddy current effects are also included. A new heuristic inversion offering equal performance but avoiding a time-consuming identification procedure is also proposed. After an initial identification procedure the model, its inverse, the heuristic inversion, and the proper input voltages for a desired sinusoidal magnetization are computed. The resulting application achieves accurate results, is easy to use, supplies the user with transparent and clear information, and adds the flexibility for automation or remote control.




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Kozek, M., & Gross, B. (2005). Identification and Inversion of Magnetic Hysteresis for Sinusoidal Magnetization. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 1(1).