Remote Access: A Vision for Mobile Medical Devices


  • Herbert Ernst Pemstar b.v.



During the Symposium for Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation held at Brasov in early July 2005 an outlook was presented regarding the future potential of remote engineering for mobile medical devices. It is the intention of this article to recapitulate the content of the initiated discussions and to stimulate work in this complex and until now largely neglected field of application.

Author Biography

Herbert Ernst, Pemstar b.v.

Dr.-Ing. Herbert Ernst is Sr. Medical Program Manager with Pemstar b.v., Almelo, Netherlands (e-mail: In his position he is responsible for identifying and developing systems fo medical applications.




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Ernst, H. (2005). Remote Access: A Vision for Mobile Medical Devices. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 1(2).