Research on the method of optimal PMU placement


  • Jian-jun Xu
  • Yan-chao Xu
  • Li-mei Yan
  • Hai-long Zhao
  • Zhi-gang Sun
  • Li-li Bai
  • Ming-xia Xie



PMU, observability, DE algorithm, PSO algorithm, optimal placement


Taking the full network observability of power system and the least number of PMU as objective, to appearing fault situation in the grid, this paper proposes Differential Evolution and Particle Swarm Optimization (DEPSO) algorithm in view of the system failure rate. The improved DEPSO algorithm is global optimization, the algorithm takes the constraint condition of fault rate into account during the course of seeking optimal solutions. At the end, through the examples show that the algorithm compares with the existing optimization methods, which can reduce the number of PMU configuration and achieve completely observability of the system, at the same time, and stable operation of the system, through the simulation results verify feasibility and valibity of the algorithm.




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Xu, J.- jun, Xu, Y.- chao, Yan, L.- mei, Zhao, H.- long, Sun, Z.- gang, Bai, L.- li, & Xie, M.- xia. (2013). Research on the method of optimal PMU placement. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 9(S7), pp. 24–29.



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