Competence Development and Assessment Using a Game-based Strategy

Iratxe Menchaca, Alex Rayón, Javier García-Zubía, Bénédicte Bardinet, Mariluz Guenaga


This paper presents a serious game that aims to develop and assess oral and interpersonal communication competences. Based on the University of Deusto?s Learning model we implement a multiplayer adventure environment using HTML5 and Javascript technologies. It includes several activities; each of them covers usually more than one of the three levels of mastery described for each competence, and provides data that match indicators to evaluate students? performance. The main challenge, assessment, is achieved integrating automatic data collected by the system and peer and self-review using standard criteria and standards described in a rubric.


game-based learning; assessment; generic competence

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International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE).ISSN: 2626-8493
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