Gait Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network


  • Abhishek Sheth BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore
  • Meghana Sharath
  • Sai Charan
  • Sindhu K



Gait Recognition, Gait Energy Image, Convolutional Neural Network, CASIA


Biometrics are the body measurements and calculations related to individuals. Biometrics validation is used as a form of identification of individual. Gait recognition system is one of the most advanced technology that people have been working on for a while now that takes center stage in the field of biometrics. Compared to the other types of existing systems of biometric recognition such as fingerprint detection, iris-scanning systems etc., Gait Recognition system ensures no human intervention. This paper focuses on recognition based on a person’s gait. Every person has a distinct gait pattern that is unique to every other person. To train the model CASIA-B dataset has been used. The dataset includes 124 subjects where each sample has undergone Gait Energy Image extraction. Samples with clothing and baggage have been included which changes the silhouette of the person. Therefore, the model has been trained for a wider application where people wear different type of clothing and carry-ons. A Convolutional Neural Network consisting of 8 layers has been trained which performs well on both samples of dataset and an accuracy of 95.45% was obtained on dataset not involving layers of clothing and accuracy of 91.80% was obtained for the sample with clothing and baggage.




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Sheth, A. A., Sharath, M., Reddy, A. S. C., & K, S. (2023). Gait Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 19(01), pp. 107–118.