Determination of the Synchronous Machine's Parameters Using the iLab Shared Architecture


  • Ahmed Naddami
  • Ahmed Fahli
  • Mourad Gourmaj
  • Mohammed Moussetad



experimental, works, internet, manipulations, measuring, OCC, SCC, synchronous reactance


The target of this work is to promote the experimental works via internet within the different laboratories of Hassan 1st University in Settat and our partners in eSiense group within the frame of Tempus project. Tempus project aims to create a series of remote laboratories in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria in cooperation with France, Austria, Romania and Greece and it is financed by the European Union. In order to share knowledge, Morocco and these universities are working together in a collective work program in order to create leading laboratories, aiming to put into practice the experimental works in electrical engineering, that are accessible through internet. These experimental works tend to share the equipments existing in every University so as to make them possible for other universities to benefit from them. This leading project will be generalized afterwards in order to engulf all the other fields, including different manipulations of measuring powers using electromechanical machines and measures concerning instruments. This paper focuses on the implementation of the first remote laboratory in Hassan 1st University in morocco. It concerns the determination of the characteristics of the synchronous machine. For this, student accesses to our platform via internet to determine the parameters in Open Circuit characteristics OCC, Short circuit characteristics SCC and then the determination of the synchronous reactance Xs.




How to Cite

Naddami, A., Fahli, A., Gourmaj, M., & Moussetad, M. (2014). Determination of the Synchronous Machine’s Parameters Using the iLab Shared Architecture. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 10(3), pp. 18–23.