An Ethereum Private Network for Data Management in Blockchain of Things Ecosystem




— Blockchain, IoT, Ethereum, Private, Smart System, Big Data


The advent of blockchain technology in the development and design of smart internet of things (IoT) systems offers the opportunity to secure and transfer data flow, preserve its integrity, and provide transparent mechanisms for its management. Blockchain has actually attracted applications in vital fields because it provides many advantages over centralized database such as traceability, confidentiality, availability and trust. A private network offers the most secure and peer-restricted environment for big data flow, specifically in IoT ecosystems. An integrated blockchain-IoT ecosystem in which three Raspberry Pi 4 nodes communicate and interact in a closed loop to control smart applications via an Ethereum platform in a secure and an efficiently emulated environment is piloted. The proposed blockchain of things (BCoT) ecosystem adds a new layer to the physical, network and application layers of a typical IoT architecture. The concept of a fully decentralized private Ethereum BCoT network may find applications in several fields that call for the removal of single-point of failure and ensures data integrity and transparency.

Author Biographies

Abdallah Al-Zoubi, Princess Sumaya University for Technology

Princess Sumaya University for Technology,

Amman, Jordan

Full Professor.

>> Associated Editor Middle East <<

Tariq Saadeddin

Tariq Saadeddin is currently a BSc student at Princess Sumaya University for Technology.

Mamoun Dmour

Mamoun Dmour is at the Graduate School, University of Jordan.




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Al-Zoubi, A., Saadeddin, T., & Dmour, M. (2023). An Ethereum Private Network for Data Management in Blockchain of Things Ecosystem . International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 19(01), pp. 38–58.