Remote System for Development, Implementation and Testing of Control Algorithms


  • Vladimir M Cvjetkovic Faculty of Science
  • Dragoljub Stevanovic Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Milan Matijevic Faculty of Mechanical Engineering



Education in the field of automatic control requires adequate practice on real systems for better and full understanding of the control theory. Experimenting on real models developed exclusively for the purpose of education and gaining necessary experience is the most adequate and traditionally it requires physical presence in laboratories where the equipment is installed. Remote access to laboratories for control systems is a necessary precondition and support for implementation of the e learning in the area of control engineering. The main feature of the developed system is support for the development, implementation and testing of user defined control algorithms with remote controller laboratory. User can define control algorithm in some conventional programming language and test it using this remote system.




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Cvjetkovic, V. M., Stevanovic, D., & Matijevic, M. (2007). Remote System for Development, Implementation and Testing of Control Algorithms. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 3(1).