Developing a Remote Practice for Laboratory Experiments on Measuring Instruments


  • Yassine Khazri
  • Mohammed Rouane
  • Ahmed Fahli
  • Moussetad Mohamed Hassan II University Mohammedia-Casablanca,
  • Abdelatif Khaldouni
  • Ahmed Naddami



E-learning environments are becoming increasingly popular in higher education. One of the most important e-learning resources is the remote laboratory. It gives students opportunities to learn technical training through internet, perform real experience and interact with real equipment and real instruments laboratory. This paper describes the development of interactive remote laboratorythat allows learners to use, control and interact with the measuring instruments used in the real laboratories (like oscilloscope, GBF…).For this reason, we chose to put the manipulation of the signal Treatment moduleon line.

Author Biography

Moussetad Mohamed, Hassan II University Mohammedia-Casablanca,

Faculty of science Department of physics, Casablanca




How to Cite

Khazri, Y., Rouane, M., Fahli, A., Mohamed, M., Khaldouni, A., & Naddami, A. (2014). Developing a Remote Practice for Laboratory Experiments on Measuring Instruments. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 10(5), pp. 12–14.



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