Automatic Management Services for Remote/Virtual Laboratories


  • Rafael Pastor-Vargas Spanish University for Distance Education
  • Ll. Tobarra
  • S. Ros
  • R. Hernández
  • A. Robles
  • M. Castro



management services, software integration, remote and virtual laboratories


Development of virtual/remote laboratories is a common task involved in the design of course’s assessments (in engineering disciplines). The deployment of these laboratories must manage several aspects related to the real use of them, as user’s authorization and access, tracking of usage information, loading/saving data from experiments and so on. These features must be implemented by developers in a particular way for each laboratory. This paper shows how these services can be used automatically, with no development, using the RELATED management services. The deployment task consists of making a connector to the RELATED framework in order to consume these services. A full example is shown, describing the steps followed to integrate a previously developed low cost laboratory (based on a Lego system).

Author Biography

Rafael Pastor-Vargas, Spanish University for Distance Education

R. Pastor-Vargas is with the Control and Communication Systems Department, Spanish University for Distance Education, UNED, Senior Lecturer, IEEE Member




How to Cite

Pastor-Vargas, R., Tobarra, L., Ros, S., Hernández, R., Robles, A., & Castro, M. (2014). Automatic Management Services for Remote/Virtual Laboratories. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 10(6), pp. 43–49.