Design of Aquaculture System based on Wireless Monitoring and its Testing


  • Lijia Xu
  • Nan Wang
  • Yu Feng
  • Dan-ni Bao
  • K. Jorshin



Aquaculture system, Wireless monitoring, feeding machine, STC89C52


Aiming at the Chinese aquaculture’s status quo that the automation degree is low and the management is backward, this paper designed a set of wireless aquaculture monitoring system that can not only monitor the pond’s parameters of temperature, level, dissolved oxygen and pH value etc. in real time, but also monitor the fish condition through wireless camera in real time. This system consists of three parts of information acquisition module, control module and wireless communication module. The testing result shows that the independently designed feeding device can realize automatic feeding with the feeding area up to 24m2. This system can realize 24h monitoring of fish growth condition through image capture, accurate detection of residual amount of feed and wireless control of water temperature, level, water quality and feeding device and monitoring distance is up to 1000m. This system avoids low efficiency of artificial culture and untimely control to water quality and fish diseases and it has features of easy operation, accurate control and high economic benefit, so its applicability is wide.




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Xu, L., Wang, N., Feng, Y., Bao, D.- ni, & Jorshin, K. (2014). Design of Aquaculture System based on Wireless Monitoring and its Testing. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 10(5), pp. 68–73.