De-noise of Online Monitoring Basic Data Collected by Surveying Robots


  • Wei Li University of Science and technology Liaoning
  • Hongqi Xiong Anqian mining Co.Ltd
  • Houguang Sun Anqian mining Co.Ltd
  • Yachun Mao Northeastern University
  • Hankang Zhang Northeastern University



Slope monitoring, Surveying robot, Filtering, Accuracy


Abstract —Three-dimensional online monitoring systems based on a surveying robot (TCA2003) are widely used in the slope monitoring of various open pits. A lot of noise is contained in basic monitoring data (azimuth, vertical angle, distance) because of various factors. Thus, the accuracy of basic monitoring data is greatly reduced, and this issue has become a limitation in landslide warning. In this paper, multi-cycle monitoring data from multiple open pits are used as data source and de-noised using different filtering methods. At the same time, filtering effect is evaluated using the image and accuracy of filtered basic data. Best filtering methods of different monitoring basic data are proposed, laying the foundation for automated processing of monitoring data based on a surveying robot.




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Li, W., Xiong, H., Sun, H., Mao, Y., & Zhang, H. (2015). De-noise of Online Monitoring Basic Data Collected by Surveying Robots. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 11(2), pp. 68–72.