A Novel Remote Monitoring and Control System Based on GSM for Home Security


  • Jinfeng Li
  • Shun Cao
  • Jia-xin Duan
  • Peng-cheng Gao
  • Yong Hou




A powerful and cost effective home security system based on GSM communication network and wireless communication module CC1100 is proposed for anti-theft, fireproofing, waterproofing, anti-gas leak and remote appliance control. The system uses STC89C516 microcontroller as the core and real-timely detects the home environment through a variety of sensors. The dual detections are utilized to reduce the false alarm rate and enhance system reliability and interference immunity. The wireless data transmission is adopted between the main controller and sensor nodes, which does not require a lot of wiring. The bidirection communication between the main controller and the mobile terminal is realized by the GSM networks. Once detecting suspicious activities, the system sends an alarm message to the host’s mobile phone. The user can remotely query the home security status and control the home appliance by the GSM module. The communication is assured within the GSM coverage area, and the distance is unlimited. The GSM short message alarm overcomes the hidden troubles of vulnerable damage and no alarm when calling in the fixed telephone dialing. The interaction interface is optimized. The user can modify the passwords, change the target phone number, alter the upper and lower limits of alarm, query the alarm recording and deploy/cancel defense via the LCD and keyboard. The buttons are installed for help in case of emergencies. The test results show that the system can real-timely monitor and remotely query the home environment, control the appliances and initiatively send alarm messages in case of accidents. The system possesses full function, high reliability, low false alarm rate, strong expansion, friendly user interface and low cost. The application space is very broad.




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Li, J., Cao, S., Duan, J.- xin, Gao, P.- cheng, & Hou, Y. (2015). A Novel Remote Monitoring and Control System Based on GSM for Home Security. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 11(4), pp. 34–38. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijoe.v11i4.4647