An Interactive Web-based Learning System for Assisting Machining Technology Education


  • Chi-Chia Liu
  • Min Jou Professor



Group Technology, Interactive Web-based Learning System, Manufacturing Features, Virtual Laboratory


The key technique of manufacturing methods is machining. The degree of technique of machining directly affects the quality of the product. Therefore, the machining technique is of primary importance in promoting student practice ability during the training process. Currently, practical training is applied in shop floor to discipline studentâ??s practice ability. Much time and cost are used to teach these techniques. Particularly, computerized machines are continuously increasing in use. The development of educating engineers on computerized machines becomes much more difficult than with traditional machines. This is because of the limitation of the extremely expensive cost of teaching. The quality and quantity of teaching cannot always be promoted in this respect. The traditional teaching methods can not respond well to the needs of the future. Therefore, this research aims to the following topics; (1).Propose the teaching strategies for the students to learning machining processing planning through web-based learning system. (2).Establish on-line teaching material for the computer-aided manufacturing courses including CNC coding method, CNC simulation. (3).Develop the virtual machining laboratory to bring the machining practical training to web-based learning system. (4).Integrate multi-media and virtual laboratory in the developed e-learning web-based system to enhance the effectiveness of machining education through web-based system.

Author Biographies

Chi-Chia Liu

Min Jou is with the Department of Industrial Education, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan.

Min Jou, Professor

Professor Jou received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering in 1994 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He joined the faculty in 1995 as Associate Professor in National United University. He was appointed as the Chairman for Mechanical Engineering Department from 1997-2000. Furthermore, he was able to draw on the school’s external and internal resources to establish the Department of Automotive Engineering. The aim of this department was to nurture and educate talented students in the field of machinery research and development. He was invited to serve as the Secretary-General of the Power Metallurgy Association of the Republic of China in 1999. In 2006, International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED, Canada) appointed Dr.Jou to serve as Technical Committee on the Web, Internet, and Multimedia. In 2001, he returned to Taipei city and joined the faculty in National Taiwan Normal University. Dr. Jou was promoted to Professor in 2006. Professor Jou has authored 2 technical books, and over 30 papers in diverse areas of computer technology, control, e-learning technology, automation, material processing technology, and engineering education. In addition to, he served as reviewer of numerous SCI indexed journal for many years. He is the Chief Editor of Shoetech Journal and editor of Bulletin of Power Metallurgy Association. Dr. Jou teaches multidisciplinary courses in control, computer aided engineering, biomedical engineering, and mechatronics; for which he has received numerous departmental, school, institute, and national awards. Current research interests include biomedical engineering, CAE, e-learning technology, manufacturing process simulation, control engineering and mechatronics.




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Liu, C.-C., & Jou, M. (2008). An Interactive Web-based Learning System for Assisting Machining Technology Education. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 4(2), pp. 43–47.