Interactive Web-based e-learning for Studying Flexible Manipulator Systems


  • Abul K. M. Azad Northern Illinois University



Index Termsâ?? e-learning, simulation, engineering education, web applications, and flexible manipulators.


Abstractâ?? This paper presents a web-based e-leaning facility for simulation, modeling, and control of flexible manipulator systems. The simulation and modeling part includes finite difference and finite element simulations along with neural network and genetic algorithm based modeling strategies for flexible manipulator systems. The controller part constitutes a number of open-loop and closed-loop designs. Closed loop control designs include the classical, adaptive, and neuro-model based strategies. Matlab software package and its associated toolboxes are used to implement these. The Matlab web server is used as the gateway between the facility and web-access. ASP.NET technology and SQL database are utilized to develop web applications for access control, user account and password maintenance, administrative management, and facility utilization monitoring. The reported facility provides a flexible but effective approach of web-based interactive e-learning facility of an engineering system. This can be extended to incorporate additional engineering systems within the e-learning framework.

Author Biography

Abul K. M. Azad, Northern Illinois University

ABUL K M AZAD is an Associate Professor with the Technology Department of Northern Illinois University. He obtained a Ph.D. (control engineering) from the University of Sheffield (UK) in 1994. He has worked at various academic and industrial establishments since graduation in 1987. His research interests include mechatronic systems and structural control, remote laboratory, adaptive/intelligent control, mobile robotics, and educational research. In these areas, Dr. Azad has over 94 referred journal and conference papers, one edited book, and a book chapter. So far, he has attracted around $1.5M of research and development grants from national and international funding agencies. He is an editorial board member for a number of technical journals and international program committee member for conferences. Dr. Azad is actively involved with other professional activities such as National Science Foundation proposal reviewer, board member of Information Systems Division (American Society for Engineering Education), European Commission Expert for 5th and 6th research framework, member for ISO standardization committees for robots in personal care and service robots, and an program evaluator for the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology. He is a member of IEEE, ASEE, IET, and a senior member of ISA. (




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Azad, A. K. M. (2008). Interactive Web-based e-learning for Studying Flexible Manipulator Systems. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 4(3), pp. 5–12.