Research of Multifunctional Fitness Equipment Monitor Based on Photoelectric Sensor


  • Qiang Fu Northwest A&F University



Fitness Equipment, Monitor, Photoelectric Sensor


Health is the eternal topic that human concern, especially in modern times, and equipment fitness is an important part of people's fitness. People's demand for fitness equipment is becoming more and more rational. With the rapid development of information technology and electronic technology, using photoelectric methods to detect physiology index of human body has become an unescapable trend. Therefore, bringing in some advanced technology in other fields to design a portable, noninvasive, low-cost multifunctional human physiological health index monitor has a great significance. This thesis firstly introduces the situation of fitness equipment, then studies people's demand for intelligent fitness equipment, and specifically proposes the measurement scheme of human physical health index based on the photoelectric sensor. By studying the production principle of photoelectric volume pulse wave , this thesis sets up the experimental platform to prove the effectiveness of the proposed method. Finally, this topic research has shown that this kind of intelligent fitness equipment like multifunctional fitness monitor based on the photoelectric sensor can effectively improve people's exercise styles, and has a large market application prospect.




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Fu, Q. (2016). Research of Multifunctional Fitness Equipment Monitor Based on Photoelectric Sensor. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 12(02), pp. 42–45.