Insect Trapping Method Based on Progressive Star Network


  • Zhongsheng Qiu
  • Pengfei Qiu
  • Qiankun Zhu
  • Rong Wang



Pests, Star network, Sensor, Wireless


This paper proposes an insect trapping method based on progressive star network. There are two steps: Firstly, construct the network; secondly, trap insects through the network. The network is constructed as following descriptions: 1. Confirm the density of light node. 2. Adjust the height of light node versus growth of crops/plants. This paper contributes to relevant studies in that it proposes a new star network, in which the height of light node changes according to the growth of crops or plants, makes full use of biological resources and avoids bad consequences that traditional chemical pesticides bring about. The star network proposed is simple, reliable and successfully avoids redundant data resulted from frequency communication




How to Cite

Qiu, Z., Qiu, P., Zhu, Q., & Wang, R. (2015). Insect Trapping Method Based on Progressive Star Network. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 11(9), pp. 56–60.