Multi-authority E-voting System Based on Group Blind Signature


  • Haibin Wang
  • Xia Liu
  • Sheng Zhao
  • Lina Huo



E-voting system, Groth-Sahai proof, Group blind signature, Multi-authority, SP-signature


Targeting at some problems such as the control of a single authority and guarantee of privacy of multi-authority, this paper proposes a double-blind multi-authority e-voting system based Ghadafi’s group blind signature and SP-signature. By introducing multi-authority, this paper solves the control problem of a single authority. By using the SP-signature, voters cannot vote for others. The new system voter can protect confidentiality of voting information and the privacy of authority. Finally, the security of the new e-voting system is analyzed which includes eligibility, privacy, universal verifiability, uncoercibility, unreusability and fairness.




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Wang, H., Liu, X., Zhao, S., & Huo, L. (2015). Multi-authority E-voting System Based on Group Blind Signature. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 11(9), pp. 89–93.