Prototype Design of a Remote Medical Monitoring System Based on the Internet of Things


  • Xiuming Zou Huaiyin Normal University



Mobile Agent, Remote telemedicine monitoring system, Wireless sensor network


Because the remote medical monitoring system is high distributed, limited to node energy and having a large quantity of process and transmission information, this paper proposes a kind of remote medical monitoring system based on the technology of internet of things and combines the mobile Agent. Ten patients (5 male and 5 female, the age of 18~69 and the average age of 41.8) were given clinical test with this system. It shows the architectural model of the system which consists of wireless sensor nodes, relay nodes, remote monitoring center, etc. To collect the patients’ physiological data, the remote monitoring center in hospital will issue the mobile Agent and run it in the wireless sensor node. After processing the mobile Agent, the center will send it to the relay node, and then send it back to the hospital remote monitoring center through the Internet of things to do comprehensive diagnosis and make decisions. The paper has completed the software and hardware designing and debugging of the each module of system. The result shows that the system is able to monitor the health status of patients who live in different communities in the long term and in time. Further more, the system can achieve optimal utilization of medical resources.




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Zou, X. (2016). Prototype Design of a Remote Medical Monitoring System Based on the Internet of Things. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 12(01), pp. 50–57.